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GP Asia, a MSC Status company, incorporated through a joint venture with Multisonix Ltd, develops and markets Multisonix suites of application in Asia.

Over the recent years, our portfolio has been extended to include “GPSourcing” a highly modular Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) model suitable for companies looking to outsource core elements of their customer care services and collections operations since 2009. Our business has growth rapidly over the last 5 years since 2009 from less than 10 employees to present strength close to 100 employees. Our nationwide support now reaches more than 22 cities nationwide providing 24x7x365 days support to our customers.

Our continuously improvement plan has been mapped yearly ever since 2011 with strategic initiatives. During the past year, a number of initiatives were implemented to further strengthen GPAsia’s governance, compliance practices and further enhanced our continuous improvement and profitability includes the following missions:

2011 motto “The little extra things we-do"
2012 motto "How we’ve conquered the ATM Services industry in 2011. What about 2012?”
2013 motto “Reaching for Greatness"

2014 motto “Reaching for Greatness  2"

GPSourcing is based on the analysis of our customers’ existing operation, realized by experienced operational analysts and aiming to the effective and logical management of a corporation’s supportive operations.

GPSourcing enables rapid, risk-free deployment of a managed services outsourcing in Asia. This includes an end-to-end engineering solution; to create more effective and efficient business processes that will lead to tangible improvements in bottom line results. To-date we have customized our business process outsourcing to suite many large organizations including large organization like Sunway Medical and NCR Malaysia.

We guarantee our work and we ensure a 100% pay back on investment.



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